As a business owner, mastering your role as a visionary will help you grow your business. Learn how to step into that role and watch the sales explode.

The Number One Role You Must Step Into For Your Business To Grow

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are responsible for every aspect of your company, from sales to finance, marketing to fulfillment, and we all know that can get overwhelming at times and keeping up with everything can steer you off track. If you want to truly grow your business, you must spend most of your time focusing on and crafting your vision, and admit you can use some support.

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As a business owner, mastering your role as a visionary will help you grow your business. Learn how to step into that role and watch the sales explode.

As an entrepreneur, it is hard to find your focus among all the responsibilities that come with your career choice. You get distracted with all the “busy” work you convinced yourself it is necessary to keep your business moving in the right direction.

You once had a vision for where you wanted to go but got sidetracked with the everyday ins and outs of your company. However, stopping your role as the visionary of your company is the number one reason you will stop growing.


As Amy Porterfield explained it:

The visionary of the business is the founding entrepreneur, the person who created the company. A visionary is a person who has lots of ideas, is a strategic thinker, always sees the big picture, has a pulse on the industry, connects the dots, and researches and develops new products and services.

That means you need support integrating all these ideas.

One area I continuously see my entrepreneur clients struggle is understanding their digital footprint; they get sucked in because they don’t know what the best strategy for their business is, nor have the tools and processes to be effective.

Sometimes maintaining this role could be difficult. You have never-ending conversations with your self that go something like this:

“I don’t know how or what to delegate.”
“I don’t have the money to find help.”
“I need to control every aspect of my business.”
“I am just starting.”
“I don’t trust anybody else.”


Here are some of my favorite quotes that keep me on track :

– “Focus on the vision, and the numbers will thrive, focus on the numbers, and the vision will struggle.” Simon Sinek

– “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Nietzsche

– “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

– “Once I’m committed, I’m unafraid of the outcome.” Helmut Lang⠀

– “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift

When you are clear, where you want to go, the universe will always show you the way or the right human to help you find that way!

Your role as the visionary of your company is to craft and focus on the vision, not the path!

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