How to Leverage Discomfort to Improve Your Business and Mentality

Life tends to teach us to stay within our comfort zones, and that is what unfortunately leads to complacency in a lot of people. Business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from this, as we are scared to leave or stop doing what we already know in fear that things won’t work out as planned. I was the same, but I am here to share just how to leverage that discomfort to improve your business and drive it forward.

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Some pretty real quotes…

“Safe is good for sidewalks and swimming pools. Life requires risk if we are to get anywhere.” – Simon Sinek

Another one for you.

“Comfort is the number one enemy of progress” – PT Barnum

The reality is the more uncomfortable and the more at risk you are, the faster the correct path will show itself.

Learning to love the feeling of uncomfortableness is how you will succeed.

My Story

This concept was so foreign to me… How can feeling protected, cozy and warm be so bad? I hated being uncomfortable!

But in reality, I was also depressed, stuck and without a purpose. My comfortable days during my corporate job, besides some very sporadic, awesome moments, were meaningless and without purpose.  

I was restless and anxious, but comfortable.

These days I am more uncomfortable, uncertain and at constant risk then ever before and you know what? I am happier. 

The Grass IS Greener on the Other Side

The majority of the things on the other side of those “bad” things are accomplishments, joy, and growth.

Of course, a hot cocoa on a cold day is bliss, but nothing felt as good as when you finally learned to ride your bike after feeling scared and uncomfortable.

So, what makes you uncomfortable? Because that is probably where you should be looking.

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