let’s get real for real!


Your work days are ENDLESS

 and you can’t find the time to explore growth opportunities.
so you tried hiring freelancers, but without a clear brand strategy your results weren’t as optimal.  

That’s when you ventured into contracting an agency, but  felt discouraged
with their big company approach.
You ask your self:   HOW DO THEY DO IT? WHERE DO I FIT IN?
you need expert and reliable marketing guidance that is accessible to small businesses 


HOW TO . . .

* achieve efficient social media impact?

* optimize your website

* design your digital branding?

* funnel leads to sales?

* create engaging storytelling content that represents YOU?

* avoid working with with services that do not resonate with your business’ values?

* know which vendor will best serve my intentions

 * standardize b2b processes?

I NEED . . .
*to create an automated email strategy.
*Drip campaigns (what’s that?!)
*give more value to my customers?
*find the correct strategy for what’s trending.
*better content and images of my products
*revamp my entire marketing strategy to cater to my new demands, but big agencies are not for me.
*find the correct people to work with.

Imagine answering these questions with confidence and knowing your company is creating a much-needed relationship with your customers to move forward.

You can focus again on what you love and what you kick ass doing. That’s why you’re here; to make a real impact!

Planning and executing your marketing and branding strategies worked when you first started your business. You were a one-person show! You made it happen! But now it’s time to let others Join in to launch your business to the next level.


Hola Soy Rey is a platform that provides information for those who dream to travel, helping you plan and create unique experiences for your most sdearing dreams. But it also seeks to establish itself as a brand and scale in the world of travel and tourism. Joiness helped make this dream come true.
Thanks to Jo’s strategic dedication, analysis, and guidance; we finally created a reliable and attractive all-around business model.  Her vision and knowledge make her the most strategic partner you can have to take your business to the next level.
A strategy session with Jo from Joiness is a must if you want to grow and positioned your company in the market.  She will help you create that strategy that you need to be successful in your business.

  • Rey Hernandez | Hola Soy Rey | holasoyrey.com
Let’s join & collaborate
to keep your momentum forward!
Joiness specializes in marketing and branding direction. What does this mean? It means you will have access to proven knowledge, experience, resources, tools and contacts that you need to effectively solve and execute your projects.
Think time saved, focus gained, confidence regained,
and yes, increased profits!

We have seen it all.
We have solved it all.

If you make the decision to reach out and allow us
to provide help and tackle what you need you are opening up to Joiness.
We’ll show you our process, and you will know the nightmares you endured are being handled on time,
on brand, on budget.
You’ll finally feel you achieved your goals without stress or frustration and remembering why you love what you do.
We’ll create the roadmap, orchestrate the solutions and connect all the dots needed to finally make a mark with your customers.

Working with Jo has been an amazing experience her great level of professionalism, dedication and daily order makes her a great leader. Her good disposition and enormous charisma generate a lot of confidence which is reflected in her extraordinary results. Jo is a woman who fulfills what she promises! Thank you, Jo!

  • Juan S. Garcia | Founder/CEO | Prime Luxury Rentals | Primeluxuryrentals.com

We’re doers, solvers, moving along kind-of-people.

We avoid
“being stuck.”

We question makers with a network of proven vendors and providers for any service you can imagine.

We’re borderline annoyingly curious which makes us really good at any kind of research for your project.

Let’s get to the Nitty Gritty details

Join 1

Estimated Fee for each one:

Here we can join to help you with those time consuming smaller projects. The ones that take a lot of time of your day to do the research (we know you have YouTubed a lot of these) and to actual follow-thru with execution.

    • Website audit
    • SEO optimization
    • Facebook Ads strategy
      • Email list strategy
      • Instagram Strategy
      • Photography (5 images)
      • Others

    Join 2

    Estimated Fee for each one:

    Here you enter into a layered territory. For these type of projects, you just want to have the sureness to have the right team to join you and deliver the experience, the know-how, have accessibility and get the job done right.

      • Website building with existing branding
      • Corporate graphic video (1 video – 30 seconds) 
      • Photography (15 pictures)
      • Social Media Strategy
      • Others

    Join 3

    Estimated Fee for each one:

    Now we are enjoying a much better Joiness. A comprehensive immersion and development into your business to convert it into a complete optimized customer experience.

      • Complete rebranding 
      • Complete marketing strategy 
      • Event planning
      • Others

    These are just examples of the type of work we do. We are marketing project managers. We can plan and execute your most pressing needs. Chances are we have done it before.
    Trust us on that!

    Jo is a connector. She listens closely and has the unique capacity to tap into resources, be it people or technologies, to solve a range of marketing challenges. She brings an objective perspective to efficiently attack pain points and find right sized innovative solutions for brands. She is adaptive, calm under pressure, and is always fully accountable for her work.

    • Carol Snell | Vice President Marketing Partnerships | Viacom International Media Networks, The Americas

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