It is incredibly important to master your customer avatar in order to be able to hyperfocus your communication and increase engagement with your brand.

How to master your customer avatar so you can increase your Brand’s engagement

You are trying and doing everything you can to increase engagement with your target audience, but all your efforts are falling short and you’re not quite getting the results you hoped for. Sound familiar? You may need to relook at your customer avatar to ensure you are constantly coming out with meaningful content for your audience. In this post, I help you master your customer avatar to guarantee an increase in engagement with your brand.

It is incredibly important to master your audience avatar in order to be able to hyperfocus your communication and increase engagement with your brand.

Think of your avatar as a person (singular) who embodies your perfect customer: they are the person whom you are creating your business, your content, your services and your products for.

Having this persona defined will make the way you market your services and products much more effective and comfortable.

Take the time to go deep and in detail when describing your Avatar, here are a few focus areas to help you:

– Demographics: Characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income level, and marital status

– Psychographics: What activities do they engage with, what do they value in life and business and what attitudes are essential to them

– Interest and hobbies: What do they read, who do they follow, and spend their free time doing?

– What worries them?

– Where do they hang out physically and virtually?

– How do they spend their free time?

– What is important to them?

– What are they passionate about?

– What are their dreams?

You get the drill!

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The point is to picture with as much detail as possible where they are now and before they engage with your service or product.

The objective is to gain actionable information about what truly motivates your audience.

Think of your own experience when you engage with a brand that truly understands you, how did it feel? You felt at ease. So, Every time you write a message, create a campaign, send an email, post something on social, think of this persona!

Knowing and understanding your Avatar is the number one step for an effective marketing campaign.

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