Craft an irresistible and successful offer using this simple formula and drive your websites sales. Find your audience's need and how you can help.

3 Questions you must answer to craft that irresistible offer and get those sales!

Converting an offer into steady sales can be difficult. However, there are certain steps you can take and questions you can answer about your target audience that will help you come up with an attractive and successful offer.

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Craft an irresistible and successful offer using this simple formula and drive your websites sales. Find your audience's need and how you can help.


What they need
Who you are
How it will get done.


Before diving into how to craft your offer. Please note that your audience only cares about you, your products or services until they know how much they matter to you.

Just think of that for a second.

So, even if your offer is irresistible, but your audience doesn’t believe you have their interest at heart nothing will happen.


A great rule of thumb for service providers is the 80/20 equation.

80% of the time you should be adding authentic value to your ideal customer’s lives. For example, giving free educational content, generating ideas for your customers, engaging with their content or building their knowledge.

The other 20% of the time you can directly sell to them.

With this equation, you will have a delicate balance in your marketing and not put customers off by being too pushy or salesy.

First, take the time to master your WHY or Purpose, and then get real clear on WHO your customer is.


1. Be clear about WHAT you offer, but always from your client’s needs perspective. Focus on how your WHAT is answering a glaring need your audience has. Many entrepreneurs think the more you offer, the better, but if you are a jack of all trades, then you are not an expert at any of them.

Think of your WHAT, as your unique selling proposition.

2. Define WHO you are, and how your experience, innovation, and processes will help solve your audience pain points or struggles.

The WHO your are needs to highlight how you and your business are unique.

3. Now let’s paint the picture of the HOW.

How will get to point A to point B?

Be clear on what buying or working with you will mean for your audience. How your particular approach is unique and special.

What is your WHAT, WHO are you and HOW are you helping your audience?

If you can answer these three questions, you will be creating irresistible offers for your audience and customers.

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